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About In Contrast

In Contrast explores wide-ranging topics from art to politics through interviews with the people experiencing and defining the issues of the modern world. Guests have included such diverse figures as Pulitzer Prize winning poet Forrest Gander, children’s book author Norton Juster, Washington Post journalist Wesley Lowery, New York Times op-ed columnist Bret Stephens, The New Yorker foreign-correspondent Robin Wright, artist Sonya Clark, PBS broadcaster Ray Suarez and author and environmentalist Barry Lopez.

“Intelligent, vigorous, curious, generous, and astonishingly wide in his range — Ilan Stavans is an engaged and engaging host. Being his guest is a tonic.”— Peter Cole, MacArthur Fellow

In the Classroom

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“In Contrast is the best podcast about the creative process I have ever heard, much less been a part of. Stavans is not only warm and funny, but a brilliant scholar and creative writer, and as a host and interlocutor he brings that combination of grounded and intuitive knowledge to his conversations with his guests. Yeats’s famous line that it is only the worst that are ‘filled with a passionate intensity’ is proven wrong by the capaciously brilliant Stavans, and we are lucky to hear the results.” — Matthew Zapruder

In Contrast is produced by Quixote Productions, LLC in collaboration with New England Public Media.

Meet the Host

Ilan Stavans by Burns Maxey

Ilan Stavans is the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College. He is an internationally known, award-winning cultural critic, linguist, translator, public speaker, editor, short-story writer, and TV host, whose New York Times best-selling work focuses on language, identity, politics, and history.

In Contrast Team

Ilan Stavans, Producer and Host
John Voci, Executive Producer
Vanessa Cerillo, Marketing Director
Burns Maxey, Visual Manager

Listen to Episode #5 with Norton Juster, author of the Phantom TollBooth.



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