The Great God of Depression

Great God of Depression

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The Great God of Depression is produced by Karen Brown and Pagan Kennedy, with support from New England Public Media. Music and sound design by Ian Coss. Julie Shapiro is the executive producer.

Pagan Kennedy (Host) is a contributing writer at the New York Times and the author of eleven books. She has been a columnist for the The New York Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, and The Village Voice. In the ’90s, she published a ‘zine called Pagan’s Head and was named the Queen of ‘Zines by Wired Magazine. She has won numerous awards including an NEA fellowship, a Smithsonian fellowship, and two Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowships.

Karen Brown (Co-producer) is a longtime public radio reporter, print journalist, essayist, and audio documentarian, with a special focus on mental health issues. In addition to two decades at New England Public Media, Karen has contributed to NPR, The New York Times, American Radioworks and many other national outlets. Her awards include the National Edward R. Murrow Award, The Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize, and Third Coast Audio Festival Award. For a selection of stories, visit

Ian Coss (Sound Designer) is an audio producer and sound designer whose work has been featured on The World, Studio 360, Life of the Law, Afropop Worldwide, Al Jazeera, and the BBC. He has produced several podcasts, including “Ways of Hearing” from Radiotopia’s Showcase and “The New American Songbook” from The GroundTruth Project. More on all these projects at

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